The Outdoor Movie Event Producer's Tackle Box

Open Air Cinema Outdoor Movie Tackle Box If you are an outdoor movie event producer, you know that you need to prepared for any scenario with your audio visual equipment. Often times you'll be plugging in a variety of media or devices provided by your customers into your Cinebox Elite audio visual console. There are many different types of audio and visual connectors, and with the event producer's tackle box, you'll be prepared for virtually every situation! These 22 Audio/Video adaptors will allow you to take nearly any output and connected it to any input. If you feel like a living example of Murphy's Law, "anything that can go wrong will go wrong", you must be an outdoor event producer. You don't know pressure until you lose the picture or audio in front of thousands of restless outdoor movie goers. Outdoor Movie tackle boxIt's time to start packing the Event Producer's Tackle Box. If a device fails, quickly work around it by sending the video or audio from almost any source to any device. The Event Producer's Tackle Box has 22 vital adaptors each labeled with their specific use. You don't need to be an AV pro to use this life saver. Each compartment is labeled with the adaptor name, example of use and picture. Rest assured that next time something goes wrong at an event you can tackle the job with the Event Producer's Tackle Box. If you have any questions about the event producer's tackle box, contact us today, and a friendly Open Air Cinema associate will be happy to help you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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