Outdoor Movie Essential: Open Air Cinema's Event Producer's Tacklebox

Event Producer's Tackle Box Open Air Cinema's Event Producer's Tackle Box is a must-have for every outdoor movie producer. Whether you are the head of an outdoor movie productions team putting on an event for 5,000 guests, entertaining thousands of troops on your military base, screening the presidential debates in Haiti, or simply watching a favorite film with family and friends in your backyard, the Event Producer's Tackle Box has virtually every connector you'll ever need for your Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system. You can purchase the Event Producer's Tackle box by going to the OAC online store by clicking here! Or, if you prefer to talk to someone to place your order, call 866-802-8202. We look forward to hearing from you! We were recently in Haiti working with Filmaid International to screen the presidential debates to residents of the refugee camps who are still homeless over a year and a half since the terrible earthquake that changed that nation forever. We produced 9 events within a week, and had multiple events on several of the evenings.В  In Port-au-Prince Haiti, you can't run down to the audio visual store to get a missing cable or connector.В  On the evening where we had 3 outdoor movie screenings, we had to connect some 1/4 inch audio cables to our mixer, but we needed special adapters in order to make it all work.В  Luckily we had our Event Producer's Tackle Box! We quickly found the adapter we needed, and we were able to have a stress free outdoor movie screening.В  The Event Producer's Tackle Box will help you and your guests have a stress free evening, so you can focus on creating an inflatable movie screen event that your guests will remember for years to come! Order your Event Producer's Tackle Box by clicking here, or call us today at 866-802-8202! With 29 different component and tool types, and 51 total pieces, the Event Producer's Tackle Box has it all! Here is a specific rundown of what's included: VIDEO ADAPTERS (1) VGA female to DVI-I male (3) RCA male to BNC female (3) RCA female to BNC male (3) RCA female to BNC female (1) RCA male to Coax female (1) Coax female to Coax female (1) RCA female to Coax male (1) RCA female to Coax female (1) RCA female to S-Video male (1) RCA male to S-Video female AUDIO ADAPTERS (2) XLR3 male to 1/4" TRS male (2) XLR3 male to 1/4" TRS female (2) XLR3 female to 1/4" TRS male (2) XLR3 female to 1/4" TRS female (2) XLR3 male to XLR3 male (2) XLR3 female to XLR3 female (2) 1/4" TRS female to 1/4" TRS female (2) RCA female to RCA female (2) RCA female to 1/4" TRS male (1) Dual RCA female to 3.5mm TRS male (1) 3.5mm TRS male to Dual 1/4" TS male (1) 3.5mm TRS male to Dual RCA male MISC TOOLS (1) Phillips Screw Driver (1) Flat Screw Driver (1) Roll Electrical Tape (1) Flashlight (4) AA Batteries (1) 9V Battery (5) Velcro Cord Wrap

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