Outdoor Cinema Proves to Be a Popular Event at the Los Angeles Film Festival

Outdoor Movies Screened at the LA Film FestThe Los Angeles Film Festival is one of the best places to see new films, both local and international. Filmmakers and movie-lovers alike flock to the cinema capital each year for an unforgettable film experience. One of the most popular events at the film fest are the outdoor movie screenings, held in a Westwood street filled with shops and restaurants. In a place where the sun always shines, everyone loves a good movie under the stars, and this year was no different. Open Air Cinema continued it's partnership with the festival to provide inflatable screens for the outdoor cinema screenings, as well as an art and music exhibition during the festival. The following is a personal account of the open air cinema events: Open Air Cinema and it's California affiliate Open Air Productions helped produce the free family outdoor cinema screenings at the 2009 LA Film Festival. It's something our company has been a part of for years. Outdoor Cinema on an Inflatable Screen in Los Angeles, CaliforniaThis year the LA Film fest screened Ghostbusters, the Muppet Movie, and will be screening Hot Rod Girl this upcoming Saturday at 8:45 pm. I was able to help produce the event for Open Air Cinema. It is quite an experience to see Open Air Cinema's giant inflatable screen right in the heart of Westwood. The screen is set up in the center of Broxton street in the middle of the Festival, just yards away from the famous Fox Theater (If you look carefully in some of the images I've posted, you can see a lighted tower above and behind the screen). Each year we bring a brand new screen, designed for the LAFF. It only had inches to the curbs on either side. It was simply stunning. As soon as we turned the blower on to inflate the screen, passers by began to ask what the movie would be, and as we told them it would be Ghostbusters, or later the Muppet Movie, it was fun to see their eyes light up with excitement and anticipation for the nostalgic event. As the sun went down and the shadows grew longer, the seats quickly filled up. People strolling by couldn't help but stick around and watch the movie. Pretty soon all of the seats were taken, with people lined up and standing on the sidewalk. Restaurants goers lining the streets watched the movie through windows and under cabanas lining the street. Outdoor Movies in Los Angeles, CaliforniaThe best part of the Ghostbusters screening was the young boy who sat on the front row with his Dad. He was wearing his Ghostbusters t-shirt, had his Ghostbusters action figure, and carried a Ghostbusters license plate! As I photographed the event, I could see his eyes light up as the Ghostbusters put on their hero gear and trapped ghosts with the classic theme song playing loud and clear. The Muppet movie was an equal success amid the typical Southern California weather---72 degrees and sunny. Everyone stuck around for the entire movie! Everyone stayed in their seats the entire time, glued to screen. I think the greatest thing about the LA Film Festival's outdoor screenings is that it really seemed to establish a sense of community, as all sorts of people gathered together in the cool California summer air to become re-enchanted by films of their childhood. Los Angeles Film Festival official website

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