Outdoor Cinema Promotes Local Filmmakers

Outdoor Cinema Organizing monthly outdoor cinema film screenings highlighting local filmmakers can be a fun event that promotes your community.В  Whether near a university with a group of student filmmakers anxious to show their work or a larger city with an active group of art and documentary filmmakers, this can be an excellent way to contribute to local culture and provide a wider audience for your local artists. Open Air Cinema's portable outdoor movie screens and outdoor cinema systems are flexible to be set up easily and quickly on a local school campus, in the park or even on the rooftop.

Find an Audience for your OutdoorВ CinemaВ Event

Starting off as a filmmaker can be daunting with the many factors of making your own film and then getting in in front of your target audience.В  A monthly outdoor cinema series is a great start to getting your work out there in a low stress environment. В  Make the event fun by offering low cost drinks and snack.В  Or approach and new local restaurants and cafes about catering the event to promote their business. Create a poster for the series, a simple website and gather emails from attendees to keep the community up to date on upcoming outdoor cinema events. В  В  One bonus to having your screening in the local park or public area is that you will reach audiences that usually only get exposed to the Hollywood movies available at your local Cineplex.

Use yourВ Outdoor Cinema Series to Fund Local Filmmakers!

A major hurdle for creating even a relatively small-scale short film is finding the budget.В  A high-quality camera, actors, cinematographer, sound and video editing add up incredibly quickly and can put a hold on filmmakers big ideas.В  As you get a dedicated audience to your outdoor cinema series consider turning the program into a benefit.В  Show past films by the filmmaker or works that the potential film is inspired by.В  Even just a five dollar donation from each attendee can add up and get a head start on costs while also promoting their work.

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