Outdoor Cinema Events Can Easily End by Midnight

Outdoor Cinema Event We all know summer is the best time for Outdoor Cinema. The nights are warm and the days are long, it's the time for movies in the park and your backyard. But do you ever wonder if those long summer days are just too long to show an outdoor movie between dusk and midnight? Well, you aren't the only one. We wondered too, we so did some basic research here at Open Air Cinemas, to figure out if you can watch a feature length movie before midnight on the longest day of the year, June 21, the summer solstice. Bellingham, Washington is one of the farthest points north in the contiguous united states. There, the sun will set at 9:17pm on June 21, 2014, so even a 90 minute feature will be done around midnight!В  Of course if you live north of the arctic circle, or south of the antarctic circle, you'll have to deal with the midnight sun, where summer means sunlight 24 hours a day. But as long as you're not, don't worry too much about your guests having to leave early because the feature has run too long, you should be able to get that movie in before midnight!

Timing Your Outdoor Cinema

Most of the year a 2 hour feature, at your outdoor cinema will finish up before 10 pm, and for the contiguous united states (and those of us living below the 49th parallel globally) this will be true nearly year round.This is something that every owner of a drive- in theater in America, already knows. Usually drive-ins are open only when the weather's nice, and in some places that means only summer. A couple weeks ago we reported on Roy's drive in south dakota right outside of the black hills national park. Roy's is closed all winter, and does most of its business on summer nights with packs of tourists looking for something nice to do with their evening after hiking all day in the park. All those lucky tourists, still get to go home before midnight.

В Enjoy Outdoor Cinema as a Family

So there's your answer, yes even in the depths of summer, high time for outdoor cinema, you can easily end your outdoor movie before midnight. So set up some chairs, fire up the grill and spend your summer evenings entertaining your friends and family with outdoor cinema under the stars. And don't forget about our open air theater website with listings for all the outdoor movie events in your area!

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