Orlando, Florida: Drive-In Theaters May Close, but Guerrilla Cinema is on the Rise

Outdoor Movies with Guerrilla CinemasInteresting story on something I saw in its early stages in North Carolina some years back -- the "guerrilla drive-in." In NC, it was classic car clubs that were reviving the practice, showing outdoor movies on a temp screen (or convenient wall) for assembled 1950s and 60s car nuts. This other trend seems to be even more underground -- sneaking around, showing movies in odd or "fitting" locations. Guerrilla cinemas show movies in parking lots, parks, downtown -usually anywhere with a blank wall. Usually these outdoor film screenings are impromptu and secret, with audiences following via text message, radio signal, or the internet. I see from the authoritative Drive-ins.com site that Florida still has the Lake Worth, Fort Lauderdale, Ruskin and Dade City driveins, and of course the great Silver Moon in Lakeland, one of the finest surviving drive-ins anywhere. But almost half the ones I wrote about after visiting them all a few years ago are gone--Ocala, Naples, Jacksonville, Fort Myers all joined the dearly departed. Yet the guerrilla cinemas infiltrating our parks and parking lots seem to be more popular than ever. Of course, in Florida, sweltering in 80 degree heat after dark with bugs all around you isn't most people's idea of summer fun. Source: "Guerilla drive-ins show up where real drive-ins have gone extinct" -posted on the OtownRog, Orlando Sentinel. Read full article at: http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/entertainment_movies_blog/2009/06/guerilla-driveins-show-up-where-real-driveins-have-gone-extinct.html.

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