Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine and Courage Vintage Reinvent Cozy Urban Evenings in Kyiv with an Outdoor Theatre System

Outdoor Theatre System Photos by Nicholas Bazanov, Kino Prostoneba -Open Air Cinema Foundation: Ukraine Written by Michael Malcev, correspondent from KINO POSTONEBA Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine Nowadays capitals look pretty much the same. People are passing by with their everyday worries forgetting to enjoy the unique atmosphere of place they live. However just a few decades ago, our urban population knew how to enjoy their spare time. Going out used to be something extraordinary. It was a chance to interact with people that you never would have met before. Feeling nostalgic about those times, and inspired with the stories told by older friends Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine and Courage Vintage decided to renew good tradition and gather Kyiv citizens for friendly cultural outdoor theatreВ event.

The Versatility of an Outdoor Theatre System

Our first difficulties occurred when we started to choose the location. There was no doubt, that the event needed to be produced in convenient location at the city center. But rental price for such a place is hardly affordable for independent cultural initiative. Thankfully we have an Open Air Cinema outdoor theatre system that is able to operate almost everywhere!

Forming a community around an Outdoor Theatre System

Abandoned building site that supposed to be fancy business center in the heart of Ukrainian capital has rapidly become Open Air Cinema hall in couple of hours. The film for the outdoor theatre system was unanimously applauded The Wild One with Marlon Brando undeniable classics. The audience started to arrive far before the beginning. Chatting, drinking tea and recalling good old days people were distracting from their daily routine - just in a way we expected it should happen. What we aim to do at Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine is to push boundaries and create up-to-date innovative events. But sometimes everything old is new again. And last but not least all the revenue from tickets sold was directed to help Eastern Ukrainian refugees. Outdoor Theatre System By Nicholas Bazanov Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine

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