Open Air Entertainment: An Outdoor Cinema Event Productions Success Story

outdoor cinema The other day we sat down with Dave Bentley of Open Air Entertainment, an outdoor movie and event productions company located in Utah. Open Air Entertainment has been producing outdoor movie, DJ, and MC services for years across the united states, and uses Open Air Cinema's Cinebox equipment, from the 9' Home outdoor cinema screen all the way up to the 40' Elite inflatable screen. If you're interested in having Open Air Entertainment produce an event for you, contact them by going to their website. We thought we'd share our conversation with Dave, and that it might help owners of outdoor movie systems, or those that are looking to invest in an outdoor theater system. Open Air Cinema: Can you tell us a little about what Open Air Entertainment offers as far as outdoor movie events and other services? Dave Bentley: We specialize in outdoor and indoor cinema productions from the backyard to the park. We feature DJ, karaoke, and MC services - all which can be complimented with concessions. We have a large variety of options with the best in customer care. OAC: What Open Air Cinema equipment do you use in your equipment lineup? DB: We have a large assortment of screens from the 9' Home screen to the Elite 40's and everything in between. With standard definition to high definition audio visual packages, the picture quality is always great with outstanding sound to top it off.В  I have found it all at Open Air Cinema. OAC: What do you like about Open Air Cinema's Outdoor Movie Systems? Are they able to meet your needs as an event producer? DB: Having the consoles with everything packed in neat and safe makes it a breeze for set up and take down. Labels on the screens make for clear directions and for easy setup. OAC: What is the coolest / craziest outdoor movie event you've ever produced? DB: We've had the opportunity of working with some of the best people in the coolest places. One that stands out was a Nascar event in California (pictured above). We set a 40' Open Air screen in pit row and had all the cars in front for a crowd pleasing experience. OAC: Do you have any advice for someone who is planning their upcoming outdoor cinema event? В  DB: The weather has played a big part in this year's events from a late spring to rain and wind, but with the strength and quality of the screens from Open Air Cinema, we have made it through with out having to reschedule too many events. OAC: So, we know you can't tell us all of your plans, but what's next for Open Air Entertainment? Is there anything you could tell our readers to look forward to? DB: We have some strategic partnerships going on that will allow for growth and expansion this year and into the future. We are creating more opportunities for Open Air Entertainment so our clients can enjoy a greater cinema and entertainment experience. If you're interested in starting your own event productions company, or are looking to setup an outdoor theater in your own backyard, contact Open Air Cinema at 866-802-8202 or fill out our online contact form by clicking here.В  You can also purchase any Open Air Cinema product in the OAC online store. We look forward to placing your order today!  

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