Open Air Cinema's Sound-Dampening Blower Boxes

As you begin your 2011 outdoor movie season, and as you think of ways to upgrade your inflatable movie screen system, make sure to purchase one of Open Air Cinema's Sound-Dampening Blower Boxes. These patent-pending boxes are designed around each inflatable screen blower that comes with an Open Air Cinema portable movie screen. There are three sizes (small, medium, and large), making it possible to dampen the blower sound of any Open Air Cinema outdoor movie screen. The blower-box was designed to reduce the noise put out by the powerful fans that inflate an outdoor movie screen. Under many circumstances, you may not even notice your blower fan noise, but there are times when it is desirable to minimize all peripheral noise, such as when projecting images on your screen at a wedding, business event or conference, or during extra-quiet movies and events. No matter what your event situation may be, you'll notice the difference in noise-reduction with a sound-dampening blower box. We have also designed a premium sound-dampening blower box that is for use with any of our Home or Pro inflatable movie screens. This blower box boasts maximum noise-reduction for an extra quiet outdoor cinema experience. The premium box is built with the highest quality materials such with a partial aluminum exterior and a foam interior. The premium sound-dampening box can act as a carrying case, while protecting your fan from wear and tear. For the ultimate in professionalism, style, and durability, go with our premium noise-canceling blower box. Contact us today to purchase a sound-dampening blower box for your outdoor movie system! We look forward to talking to you soon.

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