Open Air Cinema's Screening of Haitian Presidential Debates in Camp Carrefour, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

outdoor movies haiti Last night was our fourth outdoor movie screening of the Haitian Presidential debates, this time in camp Carrefour, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The Mayor of Port-au-Prince invited us to screen the debates within the city courtyard, and the fire department assisted in security and setting up the screening. We have a few more inflatable movie screenings of the first round of debates, and then we'll be showing the second round in advance of the elections on Sunday. The local production crew is learning the OAC Cinebox outdoor movie system well, and set up last night without much assistance from the OAC technicians. The portable movie screen, outdoor projector, and outdoor speaker system were setup with ease. Overall the production went very well, and several hundred Camp residents attended and watched the debates. Today will be screening the debates at camp Champ-de-Mars, right in downtown Port-au-Prince. We anticipate thousands of locals to be in attendance at tonight's screenings, and we look forward to updating the blog with images and a report with how things went. Below are some images from last night's outdoor movie screening at Camp Carrefour. outdoor movies haiti outdoor movies haiti outdoor movies haiti outdoor movies haiti

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