Open Air Cinema's Screening of Haitian Presidential Debates in Camp Accra, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Haiti outdoor movies Tonight we completed our second day of screening the Haitian presidential debates via outdoor cinema in camp Accra, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The outdoor movie screening was a huge success, with an estimated 2,500 audience members in attendance. The event started off by showing the short film we created in camp Accra itself. The audience was thrilled to see themselves on the big screen, as the film highlighted many of the community members and their daily lives. The crowd erupted in cheers as one resident after another was highlighted in the documentary. We are going to continue to screen the short film at the beginning of each outdoor movie event in the camps over the next week. For tonights screening, we used the OAC Cinebox system again, and it worked flawlessly, helping us to have a successful screening. Local Haitian animators or MCs led the event with charisma, keeping the audience excited throughout the screenings. We ended the evening off with a screening of a short film by a comedian that is loved my many Haitians. The crowd erupted with laughter and cheer as they watched one of Haiti's favorite comedies. We have been training local crews to assist in the production of the outdoor movie screenings, as we have several days next week where we'll be producing multiple events in one night. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but look forward to continuing to promote democracy and safety in the camps of residents whose lives have been devastated by the earthquake of more than a year ago. Below are some images of tonight's outdoor movie screening at camp Accra in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Haiti Outdoor Movies Haiti Outdoor Movies Haiti Outdoor Movies Haiti Outdoor Movies Haiti Outdoor Movies

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