Open Air Cinema's Recloseable Velcro Ties: An Outdoor Movie System Essentail

Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to order your Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system.В  You can also use our online contact form, and we'll be in touch with you shortly.В  Remember to order some recloseable velcro ties when purchasing your inflatable movie screen system. Open Air Cinema's Recloseable Velcro Ties are a must have for any outdoor movie system. You can purchase them directly in the OAC online store by clicking here. Keeping your outdoor movie system in top shape is essential so that you can enjoy outdoor movies under the stars for years to come.В  An essential part of your system is your electrical cables.В  Your cables connect everything together, from your outdoor movie fan to your projector and outdoor speakers.В  It is important to store and wrap your cables properly so that they stay in the best shape.В  An improperly stowed cable can get a short in it and eventually fail, and if you throw your cables in a big pile of knots, you will eventually get this sort of damage with your cables. This is where Open Air Cinema's Recloseable Velcro Ties come in.В  They keep your cables organized and neatly wrapped.В  Not only will this ensure that your system lasts for a long time, it will also save you frustration and time as you set up your outdoor movie event.В  The last thing you need to worry about is untangling all of your cables.В  For just a few dollars, your outdoor movie system will be organized and ready to go for your next outdoor movie event. You can purchase the Recloseable Velcro Ties directly in the OAC online store by clicking here. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 if you have any other questions about outdoor movies or the proper storage and maintenance of your outdoor movie system.В  We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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