Open Air Cinema's Outdoor Movie Screenings of the Haitian Presidential Debates: Camp Lycee Jacque 1er

outdoor movies haiti. Tonight was the first outdoor movie screening of the Haitian presidential Debates at Camp Lycee Jacques 1er in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Overall the evening was very successful. Stuart Farmer from Open Air Cinema led productions operations and we were able to hire a team of local Haitian assistants who have worked with FilmAid International for past projects in Haiti. The Haitian Presidential outdoor movie screenings were funded by USAID, and part of the project is to employ locals in the operation, therefore giving back to the community in a more significant way. Micheal Morgenstern, operations manager from FilmAid was also present to assist in making a successful screening. The team arrived to the camp at noon, and began to setup the inflatable movie screen system near the entrance of the camp where there was a large clearing. Yesterday we rented a van to transport and store all the equipment in, and we decided it would be best to project out of the back of the van for security and ease of use (see image below). The Open Air Cinema Cinebox system made setup easy, as the projector and audio visual console was all setup and ready to go. The setup went so quickly and efficiently, that we actually had a couple hours to spare before screening time at 6pm. In addition to the outdoor movie screenings of the Haitian presidential debates, we screened several instructional videos about hygiene and camp life. We documented the day's events through photography below. We will continue to update the blog with our activities in Haiti in the coming days. outdoor movies haiti. outdoor movies haiti. Outdoor Movies Haiti. outdoor movies haiti. outdoor movies haiti. outdoor movies haiti. outdoor movies haiti.

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