Open Air Cinema's Elite Inflatable Screen Has Exciting New Updates

Inflatable screen We're excited to announce some important new structural updates to our EliteВ Inflatable Screen models that will make them stronger than ever. We're always working hard on creating the best screens that money can buy, and our new features prove yet again that Open Air Cinema inflatable Elite screens are high-quality screens on the market today.

A Lighter Inflatable Screen

We've managed to reduce the weight of our inflatable screen by an additional 30%, making them lighter and easier to use than ever. The 30% decrease in weight makes for improved portability, while still maintaining the superior quality that has won Open Air Cinema the respect of the inflatable screen industry. The overall loss in weight can now make transportation to and from an even easier than before, so now you have all the more reason to take that Elite System screen wherever it needs to go! The bottom of our screens remain reinforced with the same great heavy material that we've used for years, continuing to ensure a long life for the points of your screen that get the most wear.

The New Elite Inflatable Screen

Our new change in screen material coupled with our meticulous attention to detail in the production of things like reinforced handles and labels on key points make it easier than ever to set-up and maintain our inflatable Elite screens, as well as providing the highest quality viewing experience during a screening. Whether your screen is in storage, in transit, or being used outdoors, all aspects of your inflatable screen have been considered during design and fabrication to ensure the finest quality large-scale inflatable screen that money can buy.

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