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Open Air Cinema Inflatable Movie Screens

At Open Air Cinema, we make the world's finest outdoor movie systems and inflatable movie screens. В We've been creating our products right here in the United States of America for over ten years, and we are proud of that. В We choose to do this because we believe in creating American Jobs for the American economy, and we want to keep a very close eye on the quality of our products. В We oversee every step of the manufacturing of our inflatable movie screens and outdoor movie systems, and the majority of what we do happens at the Open Air Cinema warehouse and factory. We make a large number of inflatable screens in different sizes and different levels of durability, so no matter how may individuals you're looking to entertain at your upcoming event, and no matter your application, we have a solution for you.

Open Air Cinema Home 20' Inflatable Screen

Just over a year and a half ago we introduced the Open Air Cinema 20' Home inflatable movie screen. The great thing about this screen is that you get the massive size of a 20' wide outdoor movie screen in the comfort of your own backyard, but it's also much more affordable than our Pro or Elite screens of the same size. Although it's not as durable as the Pro or Elite screens, it is lightweight and easy to setup, and fulfills the needs of most people screening outdoor movies in their backyards. The 20' Home Screen features a patented projection surface, and is lightweight and easy to setup, making it possible to setup with just one or two people (we've set it up before with just one person).

Open Air Cinema Screens for any Occasion

If you're not sure if the Open Air 20' Home Screen is right for you, contact us today, and we'll help you find the perfect inflatable movie screen or complete outdoor movie systems that will exceed your needs and meet your budget. We've helped families, businesses, and communities all around the world set up and start their own outdoor theaters, and so we have the experience that will help you get your outdoor theater up and running. Between our Home, Pro, and Elite lines of inflatable screens and outdoor movie systems, we have a solution for your upcoming event. В And don't forget to ask us about our reseller options and business opportunities. We've assisted many people in setting up successful outdoor movie event companies and equipment reselling companies. Contact us today by clicking here, or call us at 1-866-802-8202. We look forward to meeting you!

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