Open Air Cinema Year in Review: The Creation of the Open Air Cinema Foundation

Outdoor Movies 2010 was a big year for Open Air Cinema, and one of the most important events of the year was the creation of the Open Air Cinema Foundation. The Open Air Cinema Foundation was created to assist organizations in bringing educational media to marginalized communities across the globe, creating an environment that encourages social interaction using memorable films and natural settings. We provide training in outdoor movie technologies and audio-visual equipment to schools, government entities and non-profit organizations. We also facilitate donations of outdoor movie systems to communities without access to information technologies. Since 2008, we have partnered with a number of organizations including Google, BBC, FilmAid International, UNICEF, Shine Global, ZOA and the Rwanda Cinema Center to produce large community screenings of educational films and documentaries for hundreds of thousands throughout Africa and Asia on current issues like women's rights, conflict resolution and AIDS prevention. These efforts have proved extremely successful within villages and refugee camps in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, & Tanzania. Open Air's inflatable screen technology has been used to educate hundreds of thousands in refugee camps on current issues like women's rights and AIDS prevention. The systems are simple enough to set up and use for small events with a few people, yet large enough to accommodate gatherings of several thousand people. The Open Air Foundation is working on a number of other initiatives around the globe, and is currently involved in an outdoor film festival in Laos.В  We are excited for what 2011 will bring as we assist marginalized communities throughout the world with the power of outdoor movies.

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