Open Air Cinema to Bring Hollywood to the Mojave Desert

Smith's Drive-in From Austin, Texas -- home of pioneer for outdoor movies in the military Jim Maloy -- to sunny California, where The 29 Palms Military Film Festival aims to bring Hollywood to the Mojave Desert, America's Sun Belt states just can't get enough of movies under the stars. Throughout our history, Open Air Cinema, a global leader in outdoor cinema equipment, took pride in being able to entertain and inspire troops and their families with movies under the stars. We did it in Ukraine. We did it further eastВ across the Eurasia. This is why when back home, we were approached by Basic Lead, a Los Angeles, California-based event management company, asking us about the inflatable screen technology for their film festival in the Mojave Desert we had no second thoughts about it. Variety advert for the California-based 29 Palms Military Film Festival Variety advert for the California-based 29 Palms Military Film Festival. Not sure about the audience size (viewers will definitely come out in droves), Marc Berry, marketing executive at Basic Lead, knows one thing for sure -- they want to bring Hollywood to the Californian desert. And this is one of those cases when we at Open Air Cinema have no doubts: our Elite inflatable screens can handle the job!

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