Open Air Cinema Screen Branding Options

Open Air Cinema inflatable screens are a great tool to promote a brand or a cultural initiative.
Banner Placement on an Inflatable Screen

The outdoor movie screenings being often free for the audience might be supported by various sponsors who might be grateful for the additional visibility of their brand.

Open Air Cinema offers a custom logo to be added to the inflatable frame for virtually any screen size or type.

Recommended banner placement

The most common practice is to put your brand in the middle bottom part of the inflatable screen. Other places for such branding are the side portion of the frame, or the top part. We recommend not to exceed 15% of the overall space occupied by the middle bottom inflatable frame part. Upon your request we could place your branding in the right or left portion of an inflatable frame.

A standard Open Air Cinema logo can be removed from the frame as well, if needed.

Sewn-on or removable banner

We offer two types of the clients' banner placement: permanent (sewn-on) or removable. In the first case, we will ask you to send your artwork to us, we will print the banner and place it permanently during the initial screen production. Sometimes our clients ask to make the banner removable and rotate their banners depending on functions or sponsors. In this case we will attach a velcro stripe of the necessary dimensions and send the corresponding part of the velcro to the client. This allows the customer to have a banner printed themselves.

If you purchase a screen from Open Air Cinema and decide later that you would like to have it branded we can put your banner on the used screen — no problem.

General banner recommendations

We highly recommend to avoid using white color or other bright colors when designing your inflatable screen custom branding. Any white portion of the banner will reflect projector light and may distract the audience. The best result when printing a banner on fabric are achieved when using vector format artwork.

Outdoor movie screen branding is especially effective when the screen is inflatable in advance on the venue. When it's already dark and the projected image is visible it might make sense to project your branding on the screen itself — or even show an animated ad.

Contact us today to discuss your inflatable screen branding options.

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  • Thank you for your question Alicia! The cost of putting a banner on your inflatable screen is from $350, depending on a screen size and design of the banner that you would like. We will email you the details shortly..

    Nicholas (Open Air Cinema)
  • Hi there,

    What are the size options and costs?

    Alicia Robinson

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