Open Air Cinema Products are Made in The USA

movie in the park Contact us at 866-802-8202 to order your Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system today. You can also purchase any of our products directly in our online store, or you can fill out our online contact form, and we'll be in touch with you shortly. Open Air Cinema's inflatable movie screens have been made in the USA for over 10 years.В  We are the only major manufacturer of inflatable outdoor movie screens in the United States, and are proud that we are supporting American jobs and the economy right here in the USA. We have never produced or manufactured any of our screens overseas, and choose to keep our factory here in the United States so we can keep a close eye on quality and the engineering and production of our outdoor movie theater screens. This is the reason why we are respected as having the highest quality inflatable screens and the very best outdoor entertainment systems. We manufacture everything from our 9' Home inflatable movie screens all the way up to our 40' Elite screens in our US factory.В  We also are a GSA certified retailer, and can work with government or military buyers to help you with your federal purchasing.В  Because of our significant experience with fulfilling GSA contracts, Open Air Cinema movie screens have been purchased by military groups throughout the United States and around the world, and many of these groups choose to go with us over our competition because our products support American jobs and the American economy. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to order your Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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