Open Air Cinema Pro Outdoor Movie Systems

Open Air Cinema's Pro Outdoor Movie System Lineup sits between OAC's Home and Elite series. All Pro Outdoor Movie Systems feature a state-of-the art inflatable movie screen, built with the most durable of materials and made in the United States of America. The portable screen frames are built with high quality PVC vinyl material, and the projection surfaces are made of a stretchable wrinkle-free spandex material that can zip on and off for easy cleaning and storage. Our 9', 12', and 16' screens have built-in stability arms that help with extra wind-resistance and ease of setup. The stability arms help you setup your screen with fewer people involved, as the screen will inflate in a standing up position with low-wind conditions! Each Pro outdoor movie system comes with a high quality audio-visual console (that enables you to hook up virtually any audio-visual device to your outdoor movie system), an outdoor projector and an outdoor speaker system. Open Air Cinema's engineers have hand-picked each component of the Pro outdoor movie systems in order to ensure that you'll have a very bright and clean image, and a sonic experience that will rival that of the movie theater. Open Air Cinema's outdoor movie systems bring the magic of the big screen right to your own backyard, park, or community or business event! Every inflatable movie screen system in the Pro lineup can be upgraded to OAC True HD, giving you and your guests a full HD experience with your outdoor movie system. Imagine watching Avatar or Tron on the big screen in your backyard, all in the clarity of high definition! We are confident that if you upgrade your outdoor movie system to OAC True HD, that you won't regret it. Every outdoor movie system can be upgraded by talking to a friendly Open Air Cinema associate, or by upgrading directly in your shopping cart on the Open Air Cinema website. Contact us today to find the Pro outdoor movie system that will be perfect for you and your guests. We look forward to talking to you soon!

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