Using your Open Air Cinema Outdoor Movie System for Video Gaming

There are many uses for your Open Air Cinema Outdoor Movie System - from watching your favorite movies, to singing along karaoke style to the greatest hits of the 80's, to delivering that knockout powerpoint presentation in front of your colleagues. One of the most exciting ways that we have seen our customers utilize their inflatable movie screen system is to project and play their favorite video games under the stars! Once you set up your portable movie screen and try out Halo, Call of Duty, Guitar Hero or Mario Kart, you'll never want to play inside again.В  Even the smallest of Open Air Cinema's screens dwarfs any flat panel home entertainment system when it comes to screen real estate. Multiplayer gaming has never been more fun, because everyone can have ample screen space, and an equal opportunity to win. Upgrading your Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system to OAC True HD will significantly heighten your outdoor gaming experience, as you experience full HD visuals and crystal clear audio. Recent advances in technology have made high definition outdoor entertainment a possibility for every family and community. Contact us today to find an Open Air Cinema system that will meet your budget and needs. Call us at the number above, or contact us using our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and to helping you find the best in outdoor entertainment!

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