Use Your Open Air Cinema Outdoor Movie System for a Staycation

Open Air Cinema Staycation These days, it can be tough to take the entire family on vacation. Airplane tickets are getting more and more expensive, and travel is increasingly uncomfortable. On top of the inconveniences of travel, it can cost a fortune to take the entire family to your favorite destination. More and more families are turning to the recent phenomenon of the staycation - where they stay at home and set time aside to have fun, as if they are on vacation! This is where Open Air Cinema's inflatable movie screens come in to the picture. The world's premiere outdoor movie systems are the highlight of any staycation, providing many possibilities for entertainment and relaxation. Your outdoor movie system (complete with an outdoor projector and portable movie screen) can be used to watch movies, sit on the sidelines of your favorite sporting event, host a video game tournament, project your karaoke lyrics, or watch family videos from a bygone era! The possibilities are endless when it comes to utilizing your outdoor cinema system. You can even use the outdoor speaker system to host a dance event or family function when you need a microphone. Open Air Cinema's quality hardware will provide loud, clear audio for all of your entertainment needs. Why not thematize your staycation? For example, you could choose a Hawaiian theme and wear your swimming suits and Hawaiian shirts as you sit in the portable pool or hot tub and watch your favorite flick on your outdoor movie system. Your movie could fit in with the theme, such as watching Lilo and Stich for the kids, or Jaws for the adults. Adding those extra touches to amplify the ambiance will greatly increase the fun of your staycation - from tiki torches to flowers, you can't do too much! And of course, having your food match the theme of your staycation is essential. Hawaiian haystacks or barbeque will do the trick. Just don't forget the pina coladas! Contact us today to find out how an outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema will make your staycation memorable for years to come. You'll never want to leave home again, with the magic of Open Air Cinema.

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