Open Air Cinema on the Cover of Caribbean Intransit

Caribbean Intransit

Open Air Cinema on the Cover of Caribbean Intransit

Last December Open Air Cinema partnered with the Ghetto Biennale (an international art exhibition in Port-au-Prince, Haiti) and the band Arcade Fire to screen the first of the Planet Earth films in Haitian Creole in the Grand Rue district of downtown Port-au-Prince. An image of the audience at the outdoor movie screening has been featured on the cover of Caribbean Intransit, a regional academic arts journal, which in their words, has been established "to provide a creative ‘meeting place' for Caribbean artists to share their thought provoking ideas and works within a community of cultural producers, students, scholars, activists, and entrepreneurs." We're honored that Open Air Cinema was able to help make the screening possible, as the evening was truly magical.  It was one of the most incredible outdoor screenings we've ever participated in, and we've screened outdoor films in locations all around the world.  In 2012, we are supporting organizations around the world through Project CineHope by giving away a 20' Home Outdoor Movie System and three OAC Inflatable Movie Screens. Nominate, Vote For, or Promote your favorite organization today through Project CineHope!

Open Air Cinema in Haiti

Over the past year Open Air Cinema has produced dozens of screenings throughout the nation of Haiti, which is still suffering from the devastating earthquake that shook the country more than two years ago. A year ago we partnered with FilmAid International to screen the Haitian Presidential debates throughout the IDP tent cities in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas. After the screenings we continued to work in Haiti as we started an outdoor cinema initiative where we were able to provide entertainment and arts in the form of outdoor cinema to communities around Port-au-Prince, Saint Marc, and other Haitian cities. Then, in December of last year, as we mentioned above, we partnered with the Ghetto Biennale and Arcade Fire to screen the first of the Planet Earth films which was generously translated by Arcade fire into Haitian Creole, and voiced over by Edwidge Danticat, a prominent Haitian-American author. As we noted above, the screening was magical in every way. В Screenings like this are why we build outdoor cinema systems, as we believe that outdoor cinema can not only entertain and uplift communities everywhere, but that it can provide a positive impact in the world for good.

Project CineHope

For 2012 we want to help out even more organizations reach their goals, whatever they may be, through the power of outdoor cinema. Through Project CineHope, we're giving away a 20' Home Outdoor Movie System and three inflatable movie screens to the organizations that rally the most support through their networks on Facebook. We want to reward those organizations who are making a difference, and we're leaving it up to you to decide who will win the outdoor cinema equipment. It only takes a few minutes to nominate your favorite organization, so check out the contest today and nominate, vote for, or promote your favorite organization.

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