Open Air Cinema is a GSA Vendor and GSA Advantage

outdoor movies Open Air Cinema is an approved GSA Vendor and GSA Advantage Vendor, so if you are a military base or other military organization, municipality, or other government organization, Open Air Cinema is the place to purchase for entertainment and educational products! We have been a favorite among military purchasers, and have screens in many bases and municipalities around the globe! One of our nation's largest and most well known military bases, Fort Bragg, uses our giant Elite 40' Outdoor Movie system for entertainment and morale boosting purposes. We are proud that our outdoor movie equipment is used by those who fight to keep us free. We are grateful that outdoor cinema can bring some amount of joy and entertainment to those in the armed services! All Open Air Cinema outdoor movie systems are made in the United States.В  We take pride in the craftsmanship and quality of our products.В  An Outdoor Movie System from Open Air Cinema consists of a portable movie screen built from the highest quality materials, an outdoor projector, and a state of the art outdoor speaker system. With recent advances in high definition and 3D outdoor projection, virtually anything is possible with outdoor entertainment! Contact us today to find out how your community will benefit from an inflatable movie screen system from Open Air Cinema! With official GSA Vendor status, we are your first stop for entertaining and galvanizing your community. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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