Open Air Cinema gets business financing partner!

Today, we talk to Envision Capital Group LLC, our new financing partner.

"Equipment financing is all we do," says Wade Bergquist, DVS. "We also do working capital loans, yet financing is 90% of our business."

Business financing for Open Air Cinema clients
We asked Wade, "What is the usual path to obtaining financing from your company?"

- Fill out our application form. Provide necessary paperwork. We will then determine if the customer/company qualifies.

"What should a screen rental company, outdoor movie event manager keep in mind when considering a working capital loan from you?" we asked Wade's colleague, Scott Kraus, Sr. Vice President, Client Services.

- Our working capital product is a short-term product that requires a quick payback.  This would make sense if they need a quick loan.  A good example would be if they have a show or event coming up and need additional capital to make it happen.

Our primary product is equipment financing.  I’d advise these companies that they can finance the equipment then rent it out for much more than their monthly payment while they are still getting to take advantage of tax benefits involved.

"When things get terribly wrong and your financing client, working capital loan client can't honor the agreement with your company -- how does your company save the situation?" 

- The client would be responsible for honoring the agreement that they signed up for.  That being said, we work with them as a partner to assist them with this and potentially restructuring if underwriting allows.

"And how fast does it normally take you to make a financing decision?"

- Typically, 24-hours.

Envision Capital Group LLC is licensed with the California Department of Business.

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  • Sounds great Belete! Feel free to get in touch with us for further details or contact Envision Capital directly. Thanks for your interest!

    Nicholas (Open Air Cinema)
  • I am interested in your new and used outdoor cinema setting with your or financing partner loan.

    Belete Worku

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