Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine helps spread bicycle culture in the streets of Kyiv

Open Air Cinema event to spread bicycle culture in Kyiv

Contributed by Open Air Cinema's Ukrainian correspondent, Nicholas Bazanov Ukraine is showing its democratic choice not only in global politics. The origin of real changes lies deeply inside the mentality of Ukrainian society. It touches almost every aspect of regular life. One of the most remarkable trends these days riding bicycles, has become fashionable here in Ukraine.

However, a new life style often creates new challenges. Realizing this fact, Ukrainian social initiatives joined efforts to spread bicycle culture in the streets of Kyiv. Road Safety for Cyclists Day was initiated by Kyiv Cyclists' Association.

The eye-candy that has helped catch everyone's attention is Open Air Cinema's CineBike an innovative bicycle powered outdoor movie system that has already become a legend among Kyiv cyclists and is provided by Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine.

Kyiv cyclists during OAC event

During the event the audience learned how to increase a cyclist's visibility on the road. Documentary shorts by Street Films showed Ukrainians bicycling infrastructure in other major European capitals practical changes that should be demanded as well in Ukraine.

Green lifestyle propagandists - Bike to Work screened their persuasive features with successful people who have refused cars and instead use bicycles to get to the office and around town.

The best thing about operating CineBike is that it not only attracts guests you have invited to the event but also passers-by. It's always remarkable to observe the reaction of someone who's not yet aware of how a bicycle generator functions. If Russia stops supplying us energy I will pedal and watch my favorite TV shows a venerable elderly man told us.

On the breezy Autumn day of the screening, finding a volunteer to pedal the bicycle generator wasn't a problem at all.

Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine event using Cinebike


The bicycle movement in Ukraine is certainly in its youth. Even though this is the case, we at Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine are working to emphasize its main advantage - that bicycling gives us freedom! No matter what you do - traveling (or even watching movies) without need of fuel or on-the-grid electricity, takes the power back into your hands.

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