Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine brings Outdoor Movies to Kyiv Military Hospital

Written by Nicholas Bazanov, correspondent from Kino Postoneba Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine Since spring 2014, military conflict at the East of Ukraine is constantly passing different stages of common understanding. First it was considered a local rebel fight against Ukrainian central government. Then it was recognized an act of pro-Russian terrorism. Now it's becoming more obvious that Russian regular forces have invaded an independent neighboring state. This fact poses a threat to the global peace. While Putin says: "Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear nations. This is a reality, not just words" only Ukrainian army is between civilized world and horrors of full-scale war. Outdoor Movies Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine outdoor moviesВ in Military Hospital,В Photos by Nicholas Bazanov, Open Air Cinema Foundation: Ukraine Every day dozens of Ukrainian wounded soldiers end up in hospitals. Civilian volunteers bring tons of food and support and honor every defender of their homeland. We at Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine have decided to contribute our might by bringing them modern Ukrainian movies.

Outdoor Movies help Promote Awareness

As expected this initiative has received powerful backing from: Kyiv National Film and Theatre University, film producers, and celebrities. The first screening of award-winning Ukrainian film Firecrosser was coordinated by Film University students and attended by leading actors, the director, and producers. Outdoor Movies Famous Ukrainian film director and actor Viktor Andrienko photo-session with wounded soldiersВ 

Ukrainian Celebraties visiting the Outdoor Movies

Probably the most welcomed guest for Ukrainian rehabilitating soldiers was Vasyl Virastyuk World's Strongest Man 2004 one of the main actors in Ivan Strong. The outdoor moviesВ were screened in the Hospital's park using aВ 20 inflatable screenВ which weighs only 45 pounds. World's Strongest Ukrainian could have lift 10 of those outdoor movieВ screens simultaneously! (his record is 496 pounds). Outdoor Movies World's Strongest Ukrainian's autograph signing session in front ofВ outdoor movies One of the most discussed questions nowadays in Ukraine is how peaceful intelligent people can influence the military conflict in general. Caring about this issue doesn't necessarily mean taking weapons to the frontline. Do whatever you do best, with just a little bit of creativity! Our answer is spreading culture through Open Air Cinema outdoor movies and this approach has proved its efficiency.

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