Open Air Cinema Foundation: MAP Foundation's Media Campaign Reaches Out to Burmese Migrant Workers

One thing we've discovered in our first three months in operation here in Southeast Asia is that there are countless organizations looking to communicate with the communities they serve. Since most organizations work in rural areas often lacking electricity and other services, it is never easy to relay public health messages and information to those in need. One example is the MAP Foundation serving the Burmese migrant community along the Thai-Burma border. MAP has created a series of cartoons to inform Burmese migrant workers how to avoid accidents and sickness in the workplace. These videos can be easily found on the MAP Foundation website and YouTube. The Open Air Cinema Foundation aims to take vital media similar to this video series into Burmese migrant communities along the border. In partnership with local NGOs such as the MAP Foundation we use our outdoor projection technology to reach communities that normally would not be able to connect with these messages.

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