Open Air Cinema Featured Product: Sound Dampening Blower Boxes

Open Air Cinema's sound dampening blower boxes are a great addition to your Cinebox outdoor movie system! The blower boxes significantly reduce the noise from your outdoor movie screen fan, which can be too loud if you are hosting an event in some circumstances, such as at a wedding or formal event. The full line of blower boxes are a patent pending creation of Open Air Cinema's engineers, and are designed to withstand heavy use alongside your outdoor movie system.В  There is a blower box to match every Cinebox system, so if you're hosting an event for thousands, or for your family at home, there is a blower box that will meet your needs. The blower boxes are hand made in the United States, and are built by the world's premier outdoor movie supplier, Open Air Cinema. Another function of the boxes is that they conceal your inflatable screen fan, ensuring a professional feel to your outdoor movie event.В  The black fabric matches your outdoor inflatable screen, and helps mask the noise from your blower. The blower boxes have been professionally tested by Open Air Cinema engineers, and show significant reduction of noise from your blower. If you have any questions about the functionality of Open Air Cinema's sound dampening blower boxes, or are interested in purchasing one today, contact us and a friendly Open Air Cinema associate will be in touch with you shortly.

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