Open Air Cinema Featured Product: Cinebox Home 12' Outdoor Movie System

Outdoor Movies Open Air Cinema's Cinebox Home 12' Outdoor Movie System is an essential addition to any home.В  This state-of-the-art outdoor movie system features a highly portable and lightweight inflatable movie screen, outdoor projector and dvd player, and outdoor speakers that are loud and clear.В  This system can seat dozens of individuals spread out on blankets, so you'll be able to invite the extended family or neighbors to watch your favorite flicks! The huge 12' x 7' projection surface dwarfs any flat panel tv, and will give you the larger than life movie screen feeling, right in your own backyard.В  The durable and very lightweight materials of the inflatable movie screen make the 12' Home system very portable, enabling setup in virtually any location - from the backyard to the beach to camping. The 12' Home System can be upgraded to OAC True HD, which will greatly increase the image and audio quality of your outdoor movie system.В  Our high definition outdoor projectors are affordable and bright, ensuring a Blu-Ray quality image as you watch your favorite movie under the stars.В  Keep in mind that in order to get full HD quality, upgrade to the 1080 hd package.В  The 720 package will nearly double the resolution of the standard outdoor projector, but is still not as clear as the 1080 package. The Cinebox Home 12' outdoor movie system is designed to last for years of use.В  And with multiple applications - from video gaming, to watching your favorite sports team, to enjoying your favorite family film - you'll be using the system on a regular basis.В  For the very best in outdoor entertainment, choose Open Air Cinema's outdoor movie systems. Contact us today to speak to a friendly Open Air Cinema representative about finding an outdoor movie system that will meet your budget and needs.В  We'll be in touch with you shortly!

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