Open Air Cinema Featured Product: Cinebox Elite 30' Outdoor Movie System

30' Outdoor Movie System Open Air Cinema's Cinebox Elite 30' Outdoor Movie System is a state-of-the-art entertainment system that is the perfect addition to any community, whether that be a government organization, military group, municipality, school, or a private home. The massive 30' wide projection surface brings the magic of the big screen right to your own community, and is built to last for years and years of heavy use. Open Air Cinema only uses the very best materials to construct the finest outdoor movie equipment in the world.В  The durable PVC material of the inflatable frame can withstand winds of up to 30mph! Upgrading the outdoor projector and outdoor speakers to OAC True HD will give you the benefit of a true high definition experience! The full 1080p outdoor projector and HD speakers combine to create an experience that will feel like your HDTV, but on a giant inflatable screen with a 30 foot wide image! OAC True HD rips the roof off the theater, bringing the magic of the movies under the stars and into every community. The portable movie screen system can be set up in virtually any location, given that there is enough room to inflate the screen and sufficient distance for the outdoor projector (although you can add short or long throw lenses to your outdoor projector in order to change the distance ratio). Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system owners have installed their systems on the beach, beside the pool, in the park, on ice-skating rinks and in the snow, at resorts, on the block for block parities, and in a number of other situations. If you can imagine a location, you can most likely inflate your blow up movie screen there! If you have any questions about the technicalities of where to set up your outdoor movie system, contact us today, and we'd love to discuss the variety of applications that are possible with an Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system. Contact us to speak to a friendly Open Air Cinema representative about acquiring an inflatable movie screen system that will meet your budget and needs.В  We look forward to talking to you soon!

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