Open Air Cinema Featured Product: 12' Home Outdoor Movie Screen

Home 12 Outdoor Movie System As you decide which outdoor movie screen to buy for your upcoming outdoor movie event, consider Open Air Cinema's 12' Home inflatable movie screen. This portable movie screen boasts a large 12' wide projection surface and is built with the highest quality nylon and spandex materials - creating a lightweight and affordable movie screen for home use. We designed this screen to be used right in your own backyard, so that you and your family and friends could enjoy the magic of the movies under the stars! The 12' Home screen is very affordable, and is the big brother to the entry level 9' Home inflatable movie screen. For that extra screen real-estate, make sure to go with the 12' Home, or 16' Home screens. You'll be surprised how large this screen looks in your backyard. The 12' Home screen can be purchased with a Cinebox outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema- which includes a portable outdoor movie projector, outdoor speakers, and a specialized audio visual console. In addition to watching your favorite family films, you can hook up your playstation, wii, or xbox gaming systems - creating a fun and special environment where your kids can enjoy the games they love most (although we know that there are many older gamers out there - we speak as gamers ourselves). The 12' Home Outdoor Movie system can also be upgraded to OAC True HD, a full HD outdoor movie audio visual console that will deliver a crystal clear audio visual experience for you and your guests! The standard is now high definition, and with OAC True HD, you won't be disappointed. Contact us today, and we'll answer any questions you may have about the 12' Home Outdoor Movie Screen or Outdoor Movie System. We look forward to finding you an outdoor cinema system that will meet your budget and needs, and provide years of entertainment for your family and friends! We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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