Open Air Cinema Elite projection surfaces explained

Open Air Cinema Elite screens are a top-shelf lineup designed specifically for the larger screen sizes and made of the premium material.

Available in 25', 30' and 40' screen sizes, Open Air Cinema Elite inflatable screens provide multiple options of projection surface types.

Elite Open Air Cinema 40' x 22.5' Screen. People Scale

The origin of Elite projection surfaces

Designing an inflatable screen that is as huge as 40' x 22.5' is challenging because there aren't many options to choose from when providing a projection surface made of a single piece of material. Many outdoor movie screen manufacturers cut corners here when they include a projection surface made of several cloth pieces, with seams visible — and distracting the viewer — during the screening.

Besides the problem of finding the piece of cloth of sufficient dimensions the projection surface needs to reflect light properly.

We at Open Air Cinema make no compromise here. The projection surface for Open Air Cinema Elite screens are made in Canada by a company that serves conventional movie theaters the world over. Our supplier designs projection surfaces for Open Air Cinema Elite screens, to be used specifically with inflatable screen frames.

Front, rear and universal Elite projection surfaces

By choosing Open Air Cinema Elite screens, you get three options to meet your specific projection needs. The Front-only projection surface provides the best image quality with an accurate colour representation and even brightness, at a wide variety of viewing angles. The back side of the front-only projection surface is made of a dense, black material welded with the the white part, for perfect contrast and blocking an unwanted light from behind.
Front-only Projection Surface Gain
The Rear projection surface is a dedicated solution to get the best possible image during rear projection.
Rear projection surface - Screen Gain
And finally the Universal Elite projection surface allows to place your projector in front of the screen or from behind, resulting in a good image quality.
Universal Projection Surface - Gain
Typically we recommend using a front-only projection surface for the best image quality but for the venues with the limit space the rear-only projection surface will be the best fit. For the travelling outdoor movie cinemas with venues being changed on a regular basis, you might want to benefit from the versatility of the universal Elite surface.

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