Open Air Cinema Brings Outdoor Movies to Burning Man

You can find anything and everything at Burning Man: glow in the dark banana cars, rolling brains, semi-truck art, and now inflatable movie screens. Yup. We did Burning Man this year, and it was -- well, lets just say now we know that an Open Air screen can withstand anything Mother Nature can conjure up.

We hauled a 40-foot screen to the venue, a dry (and we mean DRY) riverbed over 100 miles from Reno, Nevada. And for good measure packed in a line array sound system just to be sure that Burners for miles around could hear us.

For two consecutive days the intense desert heat beat down on Open Air screen, with no ill-effect. That was easy. And then - out of nowhere - the duststorm, and accompanying 80 mph winds. Fortunately because the stakes had been pounded deep into the riverbed they did a great job of holding the screen in place until we could man the two back ropes. The screen simply folded in the middle making it much easier to hold down. We simply waited out the storm, and easily reinflated the screen with plenty of time for the next film screening. No damage done.

Open Air Cinema is looking forward to seeing what the 'Man' can throw our way next year.

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