Open Air Cinema Brings Outdoor Movies to Africa For World Cup 2010

Once again, the Open Air Foundation of Open Air Cinema is teaming up with nonprofits to help change the world through the medium of outdoor cinema. Stuart Farmer, the founder and owner of Open Air Cinema, has headed to Kenya to hand-deliver an OAC outdoor movie system that will be used with the nonprofit programs of Kampala 2 Cape Town.

K2CT is providing community outdoor screenings using Open Air Cinema equipment of the 2010 World Cup in Gisenyi Rwanda, Kampala Uganda, Oyugis Kenya and Mongu Zambia.

The live World Cup screenings provide an excellent opportunity for K2CT to gather local communities in Africa and provide them with educational experiences, all of which will further the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals of ending poverty and hunger, providing universal education to all, the promotion of gender equality and child and maternal health, the combat of HIV/AIDS, environmental sustainability, and the development of a global partnership for development.

From the K2CT blog: "K2CT is a technology savvy group, we searched long and hard for a technical solution to screening matches. With Open Air Cinema and their amazing inflatable screen we have selected a partner to help bring the World Cup to rural communities in Africa. Our attraction to Open Air Cinema was that they are already realizing the potential for more than just World Cup screenings to educate and inspire many." The Open Air Foundation is thrilled to be a part of such a historic global event, and we'll be keeping you posted on the screenings and activities as the World Cup 2010 commences. Only two more days left until World Cup 2010!

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