Open Air CineBox is Now Fully Compatible with Apple MacBooks, iPods, Apple TV and the iPhone

Open Air Cinema's CineBox is Now Compatible with Apple ProductsOpen Air Cinema has been producing outdoor movie events for years, and we are always looking for products that could make our jobs even a tiny bit easier. Our quest to simplify the outdoor movie experience has often led us to Apple's web store for the latest in audio and video technologies. We have found that the simplicity and quality of Apple products greatly complements our commitment to make outdoor movies more fun. Open Air Cinema recommends using Apple products along with the CineBox systems for a variety of media presentations. Our systems have been built with perfect compatibility for Apple products such as the MacBook, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, and more. Through our various tests and trials, we have found Apple products to be the ideal match in terms of portability, ease of use, and quality. Plus, by hooking up your Apple products, you will have access to Apple's iTunes Store as an interconnected web of media distribution. From iTunes you can access everything from songs and movies to podcasts and even educational material through iTunes U. Hook up your iPod to create an instant dance party, with all your favorite tunes. Apple TV can be used with Open Air Cinema's CineBox to stream videos from YouTube and photos from Flickr. Apple TVs can also be synched to your iTunes library to access TV shows, movies, and more. Once you have your Apple TV or iTunes running, you can then use your iPhone as a remote control, changing the projection from anywhere in the audience. And you don't have to worry about compatibility. We have been extremely impressed with Apple's ability to work with all kinds of different products. For example, as soon as a Macbook (or any Apple laptop) is hooked up to our CineBox, it instantly locates the projector and is ready to go. Apple also has a high standard for high-quality, high-definition equipment, as HDMI cables and DVI outputs for high-resolution are included with Apple products. Cinebox products are compatible with many different brands of media technology, but we definitely recommend Apple for anything you might be projecting, from a simple outdoor movie to a major multi-media event. Not only does Apple excel in compatibility and ease of use, but they also offer tons of media options to play with. For the ideal experience in portable, high-quality media, Apple products, along with the CineBox system, will fulfill all your outdoor cinema needs.

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