Oakland, California: Oakland's Liberation Guerrilla Drive-In Theater

Oakland's Liberation Guerrilla Drive-In Theater

Oakland's Liberation Drive-In and Guerilla CinemaThe Oakland Liberation Drive-In followed up their first guerrilla movie screening on March 20th with an even bigger show on May 22nd. After the cops showed up at the scheduled location on Broadway, the outdoor venue was moved to Harrison Street, where 50 or more folks watched video from numerous direct action resistance movements around the globe, from Mexico to Greece to Oakland and San Francisco. A piГ±ata of an OPD cruiser put a smile on everyone's face as it was smashed, stomped, and burned. Three actual OPD rollers showed up, stepped out of their cars to watch the scene from across the street, and then were diverted when an unrelated hit and run vehicular accident happened about a half block up the street. The first guerrilla cinema screening in a parking lot on Harrison Street came off with a good crowd and a sweet line-up of shorts with footage from the recent uprising in Greece, January's Oakland Rebellion, a Black Panther retrospective, indigenous struggle in Quebec, the Oaxaca strike, CR-10 last September at Laney College, the Tristan Anderson solidarity action in SF, and more. At least one OPD roller cruised by the show, rubbernecking all the way, but proceeded without interfering. Self-Determination Drive-In is brought to you by a coalition of folks working on a Drop the Charges Campaign in Oakland, California, in the aftermath of the execution of Oscar Grant III and the subsequent arrest of protesters during the Rebellions of January 7th, 14th and 30th. Check Indybay's calendar for future outdoor screenings. http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2009/03/19/18579419.php

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