The OAC Cinebox Elite 40': An Outdoor Movie System for a New Year

Outdoor Movies As you begin to plan ways to engage your community in 2011, consider Open Air Cinema's Cinebox Elite 40' Outdoor Movie system.В  The 40' inflatable movie screen system has long been a standard in the outdoor movie industry, as the massive portable screen brings the magic of the movies into the heart of your community. From military bases and parks and recreation centers, to luxury resorts and residential entertainment centers, organizations around the world are utilizing outdoor movies as a way to bring people together to entertain, relax, fund raise, and to educate. The power of outdoor movies is a very real thing. Just read about the city of Meridian Idaho, and how they've transformed their community through the use of their Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system. Open Air Cinema is an official GSA Vendor (and GSA Advantage Vendor), so if you are a government organization that purchases through the GSA program, acquiring an Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system will be a breeze! We've worked with many government organizations, and have found ways to help them strategically employ entertainment and educational initiatives for their organizations. We make our inflatable movie screens with only the highest quality materials and construction techniques.В  All of our inflatable screens are made in the USA.В  We stand by the fact that an Open Air Cinema outdoor movie screen is the highest quality in the industry, allowing for years of heavy use in even the harshest of conditions.В  Our engineers have carefully designed a complete outdoor movie system with the best audio visual equipment out there.В  And with the introduction of OAC True HD last year, upgrades are available to give you the highest quality high definition audio visual experience with your giant inflatable movie screen. Contact us today to find out how an outdoor movie system can bring your community together in significant ways. We look forward to talking with you soon!

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