Norrköping, Sweden: Outdoor Movies All Summer Long in Sweden's Biggest Open Air Cinema

Outdoor Movies on an Inflatable Screen in Norrkoping, SwedenFlimmer is South East Sweden's biggest independent film organization and have been arranging open air cinema screenings since 1996. The outdoor movie screenings are organized together with local film studios, cinemas and municipalities. Last year 15 000 visitors enjoyed open air cinema at 22 locations. This summer we turned the tempo up a notch and arranged around 50 screenings at 40 locations plus one week of drive-in cinema in Gothenburg. Everything from locally produced shorts to Hollywood blockbusters were shown on an inflatable screen measuring 12 by 6 meters. The hot (and rain free) summer of 2008 couldn't have been better for open air cinema Flimmer is southeast Sweden's biggest independent film organisation and is based in Norrköping, a former forerunner of the industrial revolution in Sweden. In a city steeped in tradition and history, Flimmer has successfully established itself in two distinct areas. Norrkoping Filmfestival Flimmer is a favourite in the cinema-goers' calendar in southeast Sweden. The 9th annual festival will take place between 5th and 14th of October this year. Following the huge success of last year's festival, Flimmer will, this year, offer a multitude of outdoor films to please anybody who is genuinely interested in cinema. All the outdoor movies are shown in Norrköping and are screened at times and in venues to maximise your enjoyment. Last year's festival saw the Swedish premier of Matthias Glasners 'The Free Will' and Pernille Fischer Christensens 'A Soap', as well as a film competition featuring five European films from promising directors, (with the winner being spanish '7 Virgins'); shocking yet informative documentaries; music videos; and face-to-face interviews with actors, actresses and directors. This year the attempt is not only to maintain the quality and variety of last year's festival but also to make this year even more memorable. Open air cinema/utomhusbio is the biggest open air cinema event in Sweden. The Flimmer Utomhusbio-tour visits around 30 places in Sweden between June and September, and is welcoming 15 000 people to the inflatable movie screen. Utomhusbio in Norrköping is located in the scenic FГ¤rgargГҐrden area by Strömmen (the stream that flows through Norrköping). Last year we welcomed 19 000 people to our outdoor cinema screenings of popular films that you may have missed at the cinema. Utomhusbio runs between July and August and this year's programs include Oscar winners and well-known Swedish titles. The program is available here in June and each outdoor movie screening is free, although there will be a raffle every evening and donations are gratefully received. Source: Flimmer Official Website-

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