Sub Rosa Guerrilla Drive-In Refutes Attacks and Obtains Licensing for Outdoor Movies in New Hampshire

After we posted the previous article about Sub Rosa's attempts to obtain licensing for their guerrilla cinema, we did some more research to find out if there had been any developments on the matter. We are pleased to report that Sub Rosa Guerrilla Drive-In is now officially licensed and completely legal.

They will continue to screen outdoor movies in various locations around the Seacoast region of New Hampshire, reclaiming public space and enjoying great cinema. The following report is drawn from Sub Rosa's official website, which should be referred to for more information about the much-loved al fresco cinema. Click here to read the previous blog post about Sub Rosa's film licensing issue.

You may have an idea of what's been going on lately but in the interest of full disclosure here's the deal in a nutshell: Foster's Daily Democrat ran a front page article about us back on Monday, which was awesome. It made so many of you aware of us and your excitement and support was so unexpected and thrilling.

However, Dan Jacobitz of Somersworth business, Video Under The Stars, took great exception to what we're doing and wrote to the paper calling us a bunch of names. He also called Swank Motion Pictures to rat us out. Swank, whom I've had a relationship with in the past, emailed me to ask what I thought I was doing. Suddenly, flying under the radar was no longer an option, Larry and I were way out in the open.

Our backs to the wall, we had no choice but to work out a deal with Swank to license our movies. Last week's showing of Pump Up The Volume is now officially licensed. We paid the fee for that. We also paid the fee for tomorrow's Red Dawn show and The Warriors in two weeks. License fees for us are $100 a piece. Many of you came to our aid to help us out with donations and we cannot possibly thank you enough.

For that, we're going to bring you the best possible guerilla drive-in that we can. We're still accepting donations for future shows so please give what you can, whatever you think that we're worth and we'll keep this rolling for as long as the money lasts or as long as the city of Dover will tolerate us. Whichever comes first. But know this! We are officially licensed. We have paid the fees. We have permission to screen these movies and we can prove it.

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