Neighborhood Outdoor Movie Events

Outdoor Movie Whether you live in a city or small town, it is always important to get to know your neighbors.В  A friendly community is not only more enjoyable for families but also safer for everyone who lives there.В  Whether you are new to the area or a long term resident wanting to extend a friendly hand, an outdoor movie is a fun way to bring people together.В  Open Air Cinema's portable outdoor movieВ and cinema systems are an easy and efficient way to screen films outdoors for groups.В  With a variety of screen sizes Open Air Cinema can accommodate a few families or an entire block comfortably.

Planning Your Outdoor Movie

First things first, let everyone know what is happening!В  Make a simple flyer and hand deliver it to your neighbors or place in their mailbox.В  If appropriate put up a sign on a community board or on lamp posts.В  Invite everyone in the cul-de-sac or apartment building to join in the fun even if you have not met. Choose a venue for your outdoor movie screening, does your apartment complex have a pool area? В  Or maybe a large lawn in the neighborhood, just ask guests to bring a blanket to lay upon to avoid damage.В  Plan for people to arrive just at sunset and start your film at dusk so people are settled in comfortably before nightfall.

Outdoor Movie Choice

When choosing a movie, consider whether your neighbors have children or generally of the same age. В  This can help determine what is appropriate for the whole group. В  Classic Hollywood movies are a good choice if your neighborhood is diverse, subtitles are often available for these well-known features if needed.

Outdoor Movie Event Announcements and Next Time

Invite your neighbors to make quick announcements before the outdoor movie to keep everyone up to date on issues concerning them. В  Maybe it is time to consider a neighborhood watch organization or ask for volunteers to clean up a community garden. If your first outdoor movie screening is a success then suggest a seasonal get together, maybe as a potluck alongside your outdoor movie to share the costs.В  Community events promotes productive dialogue between neighbors and makes for a positive environment for all. Enjoy your movie!

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