Nashville, Tennessee: Presidential Debate Shown on Giant Inflatable Screen at Vanderbilt University

Outdoor Giant Inflatable Screen in Nashville, TennesseeStudents flocked to Alumni Lawn to take advantage of free pizza and to watch the 2008 presidential candidates debate for the last time on a 25-foot inflatable screen. The event, sponsored by Vanderbilt Student Government and the Election Alliance, was held to encourage students to vote. "The public screening of the debate was a great idea. It is comforting to know that there are other Vanderbilt students who are interested in our political system, regardless of their views," said sophomore Michelle Colvin. Other students agreed that the outdoor screening on the inflatable screen was a great community experience. Results were split when students were deciding who won the debate. Joseph Williams, a senior and president of VSG, said it was Sen. John McCain's strongest performance and that he brought strength and merit to his arguments. Sophomore Doug Denniston disagreed and believes Sen. Barack Obama won. "(Obama) was more focused on his issues, while McCain was more adamant on attacking him," said Denniston. However, the majority of students said it was the best debate between the two candidates. Supporters of both parties thought the outdoor cinema event was a success as it brought students together and gave undecided voters with a way to become more informed about the policies, viewpoints and records of the two presidential nominees. Prior to the airing of the debate, information was passed out about early voting in Tennessee. Students can bypass the crowds on Election Day by voting through Oct. 30. Dates and voting locations in Davidson County can be obtained by visiting

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