What Movie System is Right For You?

Movie system Are you interested in buying an Open Air Cinema movie, but don't know which model and options are right for you? If you are, I'm more than happy to help point you in the right direction. We have a few different types of outdoor movie systems available, so determining which is the right one for you shouldn't be difficult at all. With just a couple quick answers to our questions, we should be able to figure out which outdoor theater is the right one for you.

В Planning Out Your Movie System Needs

First, are you planning on using your movie system mostly around your home, or where you thinking about taking it elsewhere? If you're planning on using your movie system indoors or in your backyard with a smaller audience, I wound't suggest our CineBox Lite or CineBox Home movie systems. The CineBox Lite movie System is perfect for the home or an apartment, and you can easily take it with you on the go with our custom travel bags. The CineBox Lite movie System comes with everything you need to get started; projector, speaker, our patented 73 inch screen, and more. This setup will be perfect for a small crowd, it's just the right size to turn heads while watching the big game this year. If you're planning on having a larger crowd around at your next gathering, the CineBox Home system might be your next step. Ranging in sizes from 9 feet by 5 feet up to 20 feet by 11 feet, you'll be able to entertain just about any crowd with these outdoor movie systems. If you have any big events coming up, impress an audience of up to 500 with the CineBox.

В Your Movie System Requirements

If you're planning on a large-scale public event such as an outdoor screening series, than the CineBox Pro or Elite Movie Systems are for you. Sizes from 9 feet by 5 feet up to 40 feet by 22.5 feet, you can entertain a crowd of over 3000. Whether you planning on a small, intimate gathering in the living room, or planning the biggest outdoor screening your city has ever seen, Open Air Cinema has you covered.

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