Movie Screen Magic With Your Open Air Cinema Outdoor Movie System

movie screen Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to order your Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system. You can purchase any of our products in the Open Air Cinema online store, or you can contact us using our online contact form. We look forward to speaking with you soon. An Open Air Cinema outdoor movie screen can produce magical results, whether in your backyard as a backyard theater screening or poolside cinema, or at the park as a movie in the park event. There is something different about watching a movie under the stars.В  When you're sitting in the cool evening air with family and friends enjoying a favorite movie, you realize that it doesn't get much better than that.В  Or when you're at the park with your neighbors and community members, you realize the significance of your community and how you have been brought together by something as simple as an outdoor movie. Open Air Cinema produces a full lineup of outdoor movie inflatables - from our 9' Home outdoor movie screen, all the way up to our super giant 40' outdoor movie system. Each system has the option of coming with a high definition outdoor video projector and audio visual system for the very best in outdoor entertainment.В  We also offer gaming packages so you can play your favorite video games in your backyard on a giant inflatable movie screen.В  Remember that our outdoor movie systems aren't just for outdoor movies, but can be used to screen live events through a cable, satellite, or Internet connection, to stream your Netflix instant movie list, and hookup virtually an audio visual device. Contact us at 866-802-8202 to order your Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system today.В  We look forward to speaking with you soon.  

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