Movie night: Bring Together Members of Your Community

outdoor cinema Contact Open Air Cinema at 866-802-8202 to order your outdoor cinema system today! You can also use our online contact form by clicking here, or purchase your system directly in the OAC online store. Movie night will never be the same again with an Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system.В  Whether you are setting up your outdoor theater in the backyard for family and friends, or at the park for your entire community, movie night can make a big impact on gathering together those whom you care about most. Outdoor films can be a great way to draw members of your community that are hard to reach. Free movie cinema as a movie in the park event can beВ  a great way to play your favorite movies while bringing out those old timers and other community members that normally aren't as active in your community.В  One way to draw these groups out is to show nostalgic outdoor films that are attractive to them.В  When is the last time you saw the Wizard of Oz or Grease, let alone in a full theater under the stars? The chances are that most of your community members have never seen these old classics on the big screen, so hosting a throwback free movie cinema event will bring back old memories of drive in movies from eras past, and will no doubt draw a big crowd. Some other ideas are to screen cult movies if you are in an area that would attract cult movie fans, screen local movies that were filmed on site, or to show contemporary films that affect your community in significant ways or that promote a specific issue you are looking to galvanize support for.В  Remember that outdoor screenings are a great way to fundraise for local causes.В  Maybe there is a local community member in need of support, or a historic building in danger of being razed? Whatever your agenda, outdoor movies are a great way to gather everyone together to entertain and to get support for the causes that are most important to your group.В  An Open Air CinemaВ  outdoor movie system can become the center of your community life, and will no doubt bring entertainment and joy to all involved. Contact us at 866-802-8202 to order your Open Air Cinema outdoor cinema system today. You'll be hosting your movie night in now time!

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