Montclair, California: Outdoor Movies Featured in Two Dimensions

Alice in Wonderland finally arrived at the Mission: Tiki Drive-In Theater in Montclair, California last weekend. Much to my dismay, it was only being presented in glorious shades of 2D digital. The Mission: Tiki is a state of the art outdoor cinema. Because of that, their revolutionary screens, which are capable of providing an in-theater picture, aren't easily moved. It cost a lot of money to get them in the ground, but the arena isn't conducive to our new 3D technologies. While the modern day Drive-In is experiencing a strong resurgence, there isn't enough of a demand to convert the present screens over. The Drive-In theater screen needs to be white to project a clean frame to all areas of the car lot. The silver screen, which is needed to support 3D imagery, would cut the viewing peripheral by at least twenty-five percent. Add to this the night sky, the near-by street lights, and the oncoming train, a lot of cars aren't going to see the film at all, let alone in 3D, if these screens are converted to silver. (Granted, a lot of folks parked at the far corners of the Drive-In aren't necessarily there to see the movie anyway; but when that last slurp has been dripped from the side door, those nasty sex fiends will want something to watch too.) What difference does it make? Why not just seeВ Alice in Wonderland orВ Avatar at the multiplex? Well, because the Drive-In Theater is the only true place film fans can go on opening weekend to experience the magic of modern day cinema without having to deal with the rudeness of the encroaching audience that surrounds them. The Drive-In is a wonderland where seat kickers and isle talkers don't exist. If you'd like to add a running commentary to your movie without anyone telling you to shut up, you can do that here, too. Most importantly, you can sip whiskey, beer, or wine and toke a joint and not have to worry about getting kicked out of the theater. Have you ever caught a buzz while watching aВ 3D movie? No? Well, you probably won't be able to for a while. As none of the currently operating Drive-In theaters across the country are in a hurry to install these precious silver screens. It costs too much money and it's not worth the effort. Read more....

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