Minneapolis, MN: Movies in the Park-ing Lot

Patrick's Cabaret Presents Outdoor Movies in the Park-ing Lot

Outdoor Movies in Minneapolis, MNPatrick's Cabaret with support from KFAI presents The 3rd Annual Movies in the Parking Lot Date:   18 June 2009 Time:  6:00 PM - 1:00 AM Bring your lawn chairs, blankets and good vibes and enjoy inspirational movies in the parking lot of Patrick's Cabaret. Held over four Sunday evenings at dusk, these movies are destined to touch your heart and mind. Movies will begin at dusk and a discussion will follow each video. Cost is free! Fearless Freaks is the story of "the punks finally taking acid" featuring the alternative band, The Flaming Lips. It is a masterful explosion of bizarre rock & roll footage collaged into a documentary form. Each ‘Lip' goes into detail how they became part of the group and their personal struggles throughout their years. In a way, the film is a blueprint of how to become a rock star; make music with your friends, film every show, make loud experimental music, use smoke and fire when you lack talent, find a filmmaker to follow you around, crank call record companies, tour,tour,tour and you'll finally make it big. Every Flaming Lip fan and starving rocker will appreciate this fiery saga. Freaks is filmed by their longtime director Brad Beesley (Okie Noodling). It looks deep into the band's origin in Oklahoma City and is culled from over 400 hours of video footage the 'Lips' had in their archives of early shows, them growing up, photos and show posters. Beesley signed on to follow the band in the early 1990's and made many of their early music videos. Produced by Minnesotans, Rick Fuller and edited by Jolynn Garnes. Source: http://www.patrickscabaret.org/visitors/glance.shtml

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