Madison, Wisconsin: Local Filmmaker Brings Guerrilla Cinema to the Wisconsin Film Festival

Outdoor Movies in Madison, WisconsinSomething that is singular about outdoor cinema is the sense of community and inclusiveness it brings to the cinema experience. Outdoor films are often free and open to anybody, featuring films the public will enjoy. Sometimes you can even bring your pets. While outdoor cinema gives everyone a chance to enjoy outdoor movies, it can also give filmmakers a chance to screen their indie and arthouse films. We love seeing people take outdoor cinema into their own hands, featuring films wherever and whenever they can, for the general public to enjoy: guerrilla cinema. Impromptu outdoor movies are popping up in parks and street corners around the country, maybe some near you! The following was posted on the message board for the Wisconsin Film Festival - guerrilla cinema at its finest! Go ahead, call me a sore loser. But that won't stop me from getting my rejected film shown last night during the Wisconsin Film Festival, even if it is guerrilla style, outside the Orpeum and projected onto the Art Museum. My outdoor movie screening was enough to get some attention and give my film the venue it deserves. My Film, Crustacean Records: Drown Out The Daylights, may not have a bleeding heart narrative that is more attractive to film fest selection panel, but it an interesting collective of 10 bands of the 15year running punk label in the not surprisingly ignored midwestern music scene. Bands tell the story themselves in interviews and songs about what its like to be small, indie, and trying to make it in fly-over country. The photo is from last night, but you can also watch the flick here or read more here ... 190.117.84 Source: The Daily Page -Madison, Wisconsin.

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