Los Angeles, California: Outdoor Movies Create Community Experiences in Los Angeles

Outdoor Movies in Los Angeles, CaliforniaLos Angeles has a long and distinguished history of cinema. Now the Cinema Heritage Project, a San Fernando Valley-based volunteer group, is trying to create a community experience through outdoor cinema. This Saturday they will be presenting a free outdoor screening of Alien vs. Predator outside of Amalgamated Dynamics' studio in Chatsworth, where the makeups and costumes for the film's monsters were created. Movie-goers can enjoy a tour of the studio, along with a special introduction from filmmakers. Cinema Heritage Project strives to create a community experience with outdoor films - people won't just go to a theater and sit in the dark, they'll be able to watch a movie under the stars, with friends and family, and perhaps make new friends and acquaintances. Additionally, they want to screen films in places that are significant to the filming or production of the film -like Amalgamated studio. In this way, the film is brought off the screen and connected with the real world and with the audience, giving it a historical context that the audience can literally interact with in real time. "We show movies at the locations where they were made, but it's more than just movies under the stars," explained Brin, who chairs the CHP. "The idea is to connect people with their community in a very different way." (Daily News LA)

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