Lindon, Utah: Open Air Cinema's Outdoor Cinema Systems Provide Outdoor Movies At Home

Outdoor Movies at Home with Open Air CinemaI was always a little upset and resentful the UK isn't as big a fan of outdoor drive-in cinemas as our American friends (especially as Grease made it look soooo cool), so imagine my excitement levels when I came across this behemoth of an inflatable projection screen - I can still barely contain myself. Open Air Cinema is the brains behind this monster screen - that's 16 foot of pure inflatable TV projection. And to prevent it from ruining your outdoor movie viewing, it uses an air blower to keep the entire thing going and six straps to ensure it's nicely secured and taut. An inflatable movie screen sounds like something you'd give a child for Christmas, but let me tell you, this is certainly not children's equipment. Just think of all the late night drive-in style fun you could have. Although you probably wouldn't actually sit in your car (unless it's just yours), but chairs will be just as decent for your outdoor cinema needs - just make sure you're wearing clothes that'll shield you from the harsh cold (take note from the picture). When you've finished hosting your outdoor movie night, just fold it up into the bag provided, ready for your next outdoor cinema session. Before you make plans to make the purchase, you should know it costs $999.99 here. So, how badly do you want outdoor cinema? Enough to part with a cool grand? Excerpt from "Get the outdoor cinema experience courtesy of Open Air"- read full article at:

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